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August 2005
Patent No. 0511451 Registration
July 2005
ISO 9001/2000 Certification (GCS Certification Institute) - Design, development and production of industrial precision tools
April 2005
Venture Business Registration (Incheon Regional Small and Medium Business Administration)
November 2004
Precision Technology Class 1 Factory Certification (Industrial Technology Testing Institute) - Notification No. 97-63, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
November 2004
The 34th Precision Technology Promotion Competition won the Prime Minister's Award for Precision Production Technology (Ministry of Industry and Energy)
July 2004
Patent No. 0443641 Registration
July 2004
Purchase of land in Seo-dong, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, and relocation of new factories;
September 2002
Kookmin Bank selected as a promising small and medium enterprise
March 2002
Practical New Issue 0271685 Registration
October 2001
Register Practical New Issue 0252283
June 2001
Register Practical New Issue 0235493
May 2001
Factory purchase site relocation from 220-5 in Samjeong-dong, Bucheon to 268-10 in Samjeong-dong
May 1995
Business relocation from Dodang-dong to 220-5 Samjeong-dong, Bucheon
May 1992
Business establishment relocation from Yeongdeungpo to Dodang-dong, Bucheon
September 1988
Seojin Precision was established at 113-1 Yeongdeungpo 1-ga

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